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Discovery by Canadian researchers of how bacteria become resistant to antibiotics could lead to more effective drugs

Ontario researchers say they have discovered how bacteria become resistant to antibiotics, a finding they say could help combat the growing problem. Maikel Rheinstadter, a physics professor with McMaster University in Hamilton, and Andree Khondker, an undergraduate biochemistry student, said they found bacteria fight off antibiotics by stiffening their cell membranes and changing the barrier’s… Read More »

McDonald's is curbing the use of antibiotics in its meat supply to curb drug-resistant superbugs

McDonald’s is curbing the use of antibiotics in its meat supply in an effort to curb the spread of drug-resistant superbugs Antibiotic resistance is responsible for at least 23,000 deaths a year  Unnecessarily exposing bacteria to the drugs allows the bugs to evolve and become resistant, rendering antibiotics useless against infections  Millions of pounds of… Read More »

Giving babies and toddlers antibiotics can increase the risk of obesity

Antibiotics can be lifesaving, but they can have serious downsides — including increasing the risk of obesity when they are given early in life, according to a recent study. Antibiotics kill bacteria. That can be a very good thing when the bacteria are causing a serious infection. But antibiotics don’t limit themselves to killing infection-causing… Read More »