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Long wait for new recruits frustrates country paramedics

LONGER response times and rising call-out numbers have left the paramedics’ union pleading for more staff in the Central West. NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian announced a $ 1 billion investment into ambulance services in June last year, including 750 new paramedics and staff over a four-year period. While 200 paramedics joined the ranks during 2018/19,… Read More »

10 Country Songs You'll Love Even If You Swear You Don't Have a Yeehaw Bone in Your Body

If you’ve written off country music because you think it’s all about tractors and trucks, you should prob reconsider. I mean, everyone who claims to hate country has at LEAST one western bop that they secretly know all the words to. Here are 10 songs you’ll love even if you think you’re not into the… Read More »