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Fears measles vaccines may be ’waning’

Fears are emerging that vaccines may be becoming less effective against measles after more than a dozen vaccinated Victorians contracted the disease. Research published in the Clinical Infectious Diseases journal found that 13 people who were hospitalised with measles between 2014 and 2017 had already been vaccinated against the disease at least once in the… Read More »

This baby got measles because of anti-vaxers

That’s why she’s furious that her baby got measles. Too young to be vaccinated, 8-month-old Shira Goldschmidt developed complications from the virus and had to be hospitalized. Infectious disease experts say the cause is clear: anti-vaxers. Both in the United States and in Israel, where Sukenik lives, the ongoing measles outbreaks started with pockets of… Read More »