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New vaccine for malaria developed at IME could be more effective

Researchers at the Institute for Molecular Engineering at the University of Chicago have developed an innovative new system for delivering a malaria vaccine that shows promise in its effectiveness. By developing a vaccine that targets specific cells in the immune system, they have seen a much greater immune and antibody response to the vaccine. Though a vaccine for malaria… Read More »

Newsom’s move: Not yet health care for all, but health care for more – Santa Cruz Sentinel

It was way easier for candidate Gavin Newsom to endorse single-payer health care coverage for everyone than it is now for Gov. Newsom to deliver it. Yet hardcore advocates say they’re pleased with the moves he’s made thus far — even if it may take years to come to fruition. “This is a governor that is operating… Read More »

Using medical students as admin support helps doctors care for 15% more patients an hour

Should all doctors be given SECRETARIES? Using medical students as admin support helps consultants care for 15% more patients an hour Scribes record details of the consultation, arrange tests and print paperwork In a study, the admin support reduced a patient’s emergency care stay by 19mins Cost analysis found scribes put hospitals in a ‘favourable financial… Read More »