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Tens of Thousands of Heart Patients May Not Need Open-Heart Surgery

ImageWith TAVR, the only incision is a small hole in the groin where a catheter is inserted. Traditional surgery involves cracking open the ribs and stopping the heart to insert the new valve.CreditJean-Paul Chassenet/Science Source The operation is a daring one: To replace a failing heart valve, cardiologists insert a replacement through a patient’s groin… Read More »

Five minute change you need to make

Did you stare off into the distance lost in thought? Did you chat to someone else? Or did you look down at your phone? Dr Fiona Kerr, founder of the NeuroTech institute, believes only two of these three choices are fantastic for your brain and your body and can have a significant impact on your… Read More »

H&M's Sport Collection Has Everything You Need for Your Workouts

Reality check: trendy workout classes, personal trainers, and those delicious-but-pricey protein smoothies at your gym can take a major toll on your wallet. Basically, the “New Year, New You” road to a fit bod doesn’t make it easy to whip your finances into shape. Thankfully, H&M released an entire assortment of cool performance gear and… Read More »