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Bronchiectasis Severity Associated With Pulmonary Vascular Pruning

December 19, 2018 Share this content: Bronchiectasis was associated with decreased forced expiratory volume, shorter 6-minute walking distance, and lower vital capacity. Mild bronchiectasis in smokers is associated with distal pulmonary vascular pruning, according to a study recently published in ERJ Open Research. Severity of disease appears to correlate with this pruning, including forced expiratory volume and… Read More »

Electronic Support System Can Guide Outpatient Care for Pulmonary Embolism

December 11, 2018 Share this content: The electronic clinical decision support decision was not associated with increases in return visits within 5 days, or major adverse outcomes within 30 days. Implementing and supporting an electronic clinical decision support system (CDSS) in emergency departments to help physicians make decisions regarding site-of-care for patients with acute pulmonary… Read More »