The hot celeb look we can all aspire to

By | June 17, 2019

Men with a slight paunch and a distinct lack of cheese grater abs are officially “more attractive” than they were in the past.

Dad bods have been a “thing” since around 2016 and according to Planet Fitness, the modern body type’s popularity is on the up, made famous by the likes of Hollywood superstar Chris Pratt, The Sun reports.

According to a new survey of more than 2000 people by Planet Fitness, nearly seven of 10 found a few extra kilograms to be attractive on men.

“Our survey results show the majority of people think positively about dad bods, and men who identify as having them are proud of who they are,” says Planet Fitness marketing vice president Jessica Correa.

Other findings from the survey include:

* 78 per cent of women feel men with dad bods are confident in their own skin.

* Nearly half of women (47 per cent) even believe dad bods are the “new six-pack.” Nearly three in five (58 per cent) mothers feel dad bods are the new six-pack.

* 83 per cent of mothers would be proud to have a husband with a dad bod.

The Sun reports there are many famous celebs such as Chris Pratt who became poster boys for the bulkier build and this seems to have boosted its popularity.

Pratt revealed in March how he shed the kilos for a movie role but the Hollywood star has always appeared comfortable in his skin whatever his weight.

And the label even gets applied to footballing icons.

After Belgian wizard Eden Hazard signed for Real Madrid from Chelsea, pictures were released of his medical with the winger proudly showing off his very own dad bod.

For those unaware of the dad bod requirements, it’s less about total disregard for your health and physical appearance.

And more about embracing the small doughy sections that come from not “hitting the gym” 19 times a day.

Boundless mental health benefits come from learning to love your body and realising the “pectoral Petes” we see all around us are not realistic portrayals of the modern man.

And it seems more people are finding this new mindset – as well as the new body type – attractive.

This story originally appeared in The Sun and is reprinted here with permission.

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